Lialee, personal lubricant for men

Among the most important reasons leading to premature ejaculation in men found, drought and lack of lubrication, resulting in a lack of conjugal pleasure.

Lialee ® Tube

Lialee ® is a lubricant for use by men in marital relationships, it:

  • Helps prolong the pleasure in the marital relationship.
  • Contains natural non-allergenic substances.
  • Provides natural lubrication during the relationship.
  • Helps to overcome the problems that limit the spouses to maintain a normal relationship.
  • Allows mutual satisfaction.
  • Lialee ® gel is composed of an aqueous solution does not cause discomfort during use of clinical studies have proven
  • No secondary effect.
  • Lialee ® gel has the same characteristics as the (PH) of the vaginal environment.

Apply 1 to 2 ml (a small nut) on the glans 30 to 45 minutes before intercourse.
Mode of action:

Lialee reduces sexual organ hypersensitivity natural way to have longer intimate relationships.